Our pool liner replacement process includes the following steps:


  • Take custom measurements: We take an average of 28 different measurements.
  • Factory Process: The factory takes our measurements and inputs into the CAD program.

Day of Installation:

  • Pumps are used to remove the old pool water.
  • Remove all hung ladders from liner area. (and any other equipment that may obstruct liner area)
  • Remove all debris from pool and sweep out liner.
  • Remove all face plates and gaskets from inside pool area.
  • Inspect all face plates, gaskets and hardware for cracks/rips and/or wear. (replace as needed)
  • Remove old liner in an organized manner.
  • Fold old liner up into bundles and stacked neatly in preparation for garbage pick-up.

  • Inspect pool base and walls for cracks, holes and depressions.
  • Resmoothing of the pool bottom -┬áThe sand on the pool floor is evenly smoothed out.
  • Vermiculite Patching is done as needed.
  • (Optional) Installation of wall foam, as needed.
  • (Optional) Install steps if needed.
  • Installation of the custom-fitted pool liner.
  • Replacement of face plates for the skimmers, returns, and drains.
  • Fill to appropriate operational level.Hook up filtration system and any accessories.